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Shoreline Management Plans (SMPs)
Shoreline management plans (SMP) are large-scale reports, assessing the risks associated with coastal processes. They aim to help reduce coastal erosion and coastal flooding risks to people, property and the historic and natural environment. In doing so, it is an important part of the Government’s strategy for directing pubilc resources to the management of those risks.


What is a Shoreline Management Plan?


The Durlston Head to Rame Head SMP

The South Devon and Dorset (Durlston Head to Rame Head) Shoreline Management Plan Review-background

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Introductory Leaflet (outside) (pdf -1.3mb)

Introductory Leaflet (middle map) (pdf -1.6mb)

Appointment of SMP Consultant - Expression of interest advert
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Current list of relavant known data held by organisations and individuals (pdf - 63kb Sept 08)

Draft Baseline Processes Understanding (pdf - 9.3mb Nov 08)

Draft Baseline Process Understanding - Annex A (pdf - 0.8mb Nov 08)

Technically Feasible Options (pdf - 68kb Nov 08)

Exe Estuary Coastal Management Study Technical Findings Report
Technical Findings (pdf - 11.2mb Dec 08)
Figure 22(1) (pdf - 4mb Dec 08)
Figure 22(2) (pdf - 4mb Dec 08)
Figure 23 (pdf - 9.7mb Dec 08)
Figure 24 (pdf - 3.7mb Dec 08)










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